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27 Бер, 20
Sergiy Volkov. Chief Product Officer

There is no forgiveness for this. There is no pity for the enemy. Only hatred and disgust. But we will win. Because we are UKRAINIANS. We are a FREE NATION.

27 Бер, 20
Olesia Yeroshkina. PR manager

As a PR manager I like to make positive news about my company. But now I have to make videos about my colleague who was killed at war.

27 Бер, 20
Rostyslav Mudryk. Water treatment engineer

My profession is to make water pure for people around the world. However, temporarily, I can’t do my job, because russia started a brutal, unprovoked war with Ukraine.

27 Бер, 20
Nataliia Turcheniuk. Marketing manager

Since 24 February 2022 I don't know who I am anymore. Survivor? Maybe it’s the most relevant word to explain my emotional and physical state.