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I am Rostyslav Mudryk, water treatment engineer.

My profession is to make water pure for people around the world. However, temporary, I can’t do my job, because russia started brutal, unprovoked war with Ukraine at 5:00 am on the 24-th of February.


On the 1-st day russia has attacked with missles and helicopters Gostomel, the town where I was born. Today the town is completely destroyed. 

Few days later russian tanks and troops invaded and destroyed Bucha, town where I lived when was a kid.

Now russian terrorists are shelling Irpin, the town where I live. The house where I grew up was hit by rocket, my school was partially destroyed, some districts are occupied by russian troops hiding themselves behind civilians.

One the 7-th day of the war early morning russian bomber has dropped two bombs on the apartments close to shelter, where we stayed with my son and wife.

For 10 days my son has not seen the sky. Me and my family were forced to left my home town. Living the town, we have seen destroyed hospital, church, houses, roads, bridges… we will rebuild our town.

But we can’t bring to life people… My colleague, Andrii Maksymenko, the designer of our beautiful catalogs and displays, was shoot by russians when evacuating his family from Gostomel. Parents had to bury Andrii in the yard of their house as the town is still occupied by russia. We are shocked by wild violence of russians.