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Ecosoft’s colleagues support

WSLU foundation is focused on supporting the Ecosoft's colleagues who lost their jobs and homes because of the russian military aggression

​Before the war, Ecosoft employed 450 people, currently only 128 are employed in the company, but Ecosoft still maintains contact with the former colleagues and when possible, offers them jobs.

Our goal is to help our colleagues to come back to the normal life! 

Funds raised

Our donors: BWT Group, Clack Corporation,Brio Water Technology and other international partners from the water filter business, fund founders and third-party contributors.

The foundation has currently raised 387,000 EUR in donations that was allocated to support 181 employees with a three-month allowance, 70 colleagues with support due to the loss of property, and 15 employees with special grants issued to help recover their homes.

149 colleagues were supported within the project Warm Home, when the fund is subsidizing the utility bills during the winter months.

Safe drinking water for Ukrainians 

As a result of mass russian missile attacks, there is a partial or complete destruction of water pumping stations, water mains, sewage treatment plants in most regions, especially in the southern part of Ukraine. People must use potentially dangerous water from the centralized water supply system or taking water from wells and rivers. Destruction of oil depots, landfills and waste storage facilities throughout Ukraine caused the pollution of soil and water resources through the leakage of hazardous substances. Using such a water for consumption and cooking can be very dangerous for health.

With the WSLU experience the fund gained in raising funds and Ecosoft SPC professional knowledge in water treatment, we are ready now for a new challenge – to supply requested water treatment equipment that will provide people with safe drinking water in Kyiv region and the south of Ukraine.

We kindly ask world water professionals' community to help us to collect the following equipment as soon as possible:

  • Reverse osmosis systems for the treatment of water with a salinity of 5,000 - 10,000 mg/l (new or in good condition), with a capacity of:

          500 l/hour – 6 pieces;

          1000 l/hour - 7 pieces;

         2000 l/hour - 7 pieces;

  • Filters for chlorine removal with bituminous activated carbon with automatic control valves size:

          1465 – 6 pieces;

          1665 – 21 pieces;

  • Generators with an inverter for powering, capacity of:

          5 kW – 13 pieces;

          8 kW – 7 pieces.

Equipment can be sent with the free of charge invoice to our Belgium hub address:

Ecosoft 22

Industrieweg, 8

3190 Boortmeerbeek, Belgium

We would be happy to provide you with the additional information for the cases and open for any propositions, please contact us:

Reports and photo evidence of the equipment installed will be send to donors and posted on fund’s website.

Together we can do more and provide Ukrainians with safe drinking in the nearest time!

Ecosoft’s Resilience in the Midst of a Devastating Conflict. By Kaitlyn Longstaff for Water Conditioning & Purification International (WC&P) magazine.


The war is closer than you think