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My Personal Testimonial

Before I own this "medical device", I had already been using two other makes (similar concept) since 1995 which cannot solved by my 20 years scalp alzheimer and my 37 years hypertension. When I was approached by a friend to own this "medical device" 4 years ago, I was not convinced, thinking that they are the same after all they all are having the same working principle. 2 years later, my friend approached me again by lending me the medical device and asking me to try drinking the water for 30 days. I did and in less than 2 weeks, my scap alzheimer was gone and my blood pressure went back to normal (120/80) which I have never experienced for the last 37 years. Today, I am fully convinced that this only device is truely a "medical device" that solved my medical condition which western medication could not. Now, I can confidentially and safely introduce this "medical device" to anyone who want to reduce and cut their medical costs. Since I own the "medical device" 2 years ago, I don't remember I have visited a doctor. There is no regret owning this medical device. In Singapore today, slight more that 5,000 families have already owned this medical device. It is a GREAT MEDICAL DEVICE. Timothy Ong (Singaporean)


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